Shop with a Jock = A Good Sports Story

The 17th Annual Shop with a Jock courtesy the Junior Seau Foundation and several sponsors was another reminder of how athletes can use their platform for good. Junior, now a Chargers Hall of Famer, was once again at the heart of the holiday event that teaches kids about giving. I’ve gone year after year, usually doing a story for the station, and shopping with a special kid, too.

This time, I spent most of the evening interviewing athletes, kids, and Junior, about why this event is so special. 250 kids from Boys and Girls Clubs from across the county, paired with 250 athletes and media personalities. In order to participate, the kids had to write about how they would spend the $100 Target gift card… what they would buy for those in their family, and why. To hear them list their mothers, siblings and grandparents… and the presents they’ve thought about giving them… is a tangible lesson in sharing, caring and gratitude. They really want to do something nice for those they love, and in the process, have a good time with the volunteers who want to do something nice for them, too. Tons of fun with food, music and shopping (most even getting a little something for themselves with the encouragement of the mentor shoppers!) Santa and his helpers were on hand… and surely were happy and proud.

Please watch and enjoy some of the videos  I did in conjunction with and support the Junior Seau Foundation and the various professional, college and Olympic athletes who are part of the Good Sports Story and also doing good things the other 364 days a year! (links below)

Perpetuate the Positive… with a holiday twist!  🙂 Jane.

SDSU Womens Volleyball Players, Summer Nash and Emily Harris
Oceanside Boys and Girls Club kids
Padres Will and Nick
Junior Seau
Logan Heights Boys and Girls Club Ex. Director

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