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Boys of Summer: MLB Advice to Others part 1

 “It isn’t hard to be good from time to time in sports.What is tough, is being good every day.” Willie Mays For generations, on their […]

Paralympians: The Power of Positive Thinking and Pure Passion

The Summer Olympics in London were amazing, and now it’s time for a new group of stellar and inspiring athletes to take the stage […]

Adrian Gonzalez — Welcome Back West!

Adrian Gonzalez is an All-Star in so many ways. He has class, character, and he truly cares about the game, his team and fans. […]

Boys of Summer: MLB Childhood Memories Part 2

Think about what inspired you to pursue your dream. Something you saw in person, on TV, or read about? Or what about the dream […]

Boys of Summer: MLB Childhood Memories Part 1

A catch with your dad? A game on TV? Cracker Jacks at your first game? What are your most vivid memories of sports when […]

Jane’s Olympic Journal Day 16: London 2012 — Inspiring a Generation on the Playground

Since landing in London, two themes have been articulated in signs and in the ceremonies. The first:  Faster, Higher, Stronger.  Whether watching on television at […]

Jane’s Olympic Journal Day 15: A Hidden Home Away from Home

While the Olympians have been based in the Olympic Village — very strict security for access there — their friends and family from all […]

Jane’s Olympic Journal Day 14: After-Gold Glow — Meet Decathlete Ashton Eaton

A tour of the Proctor and Gamble Friends and Family house (story coming soon!) presented the unexpected opportunity of interviewing Ashton Eaton, a hot […]

Jane’s Olympic Journal Day 13: London’s colors aside from Gold, Silver and Bronze

In all the hurry and flurry of a spectacular event such as these 2012 Olympics… and the exciting environment of watching games in person […]

Day 12 continued: Team USA Taekwondo — Leading the Warriors

Here are the interviews with the coaches for Team USA — Jean Lopez (who trains Diana and Steven Lopez)  and Juan Moreno (who trains […]