Paralympians: The Power of Positive Thinking and Pure Passion

The Summer Olympics in London were amazing, and now it’s time for a new group of stellar and inspiring athletes to take the stage for the Paralympics. I admit, I was not familiar with the breadth and scope of the Paralympics until I interviewed three athletes this summer who were preparing for their London calling. They were at San Diego’s PETCO Park in July when the Padres invited Olympians based at the Olympic training center in Chula Vista to be part of a send-off.  (Visit a previous July blog to listen to interviews with the other Olympians.)  Please share the link to their short but significant stories  (also on You Tube).

The three are of David Brown along with his guide Roland Slade. Listen to how they work together to train and now compete.  Jeremy Campbell didn’t mention he was throwing the discus for the Paralympics — so I thought at first it was for the Olympics. It seems he doesn’t want the distinction, in some ways, and is determined to be in the Olympics in 2016 in Rio competing with what’s generally termed the able-bodied athletes.The person who set me straight on Jeremy’s status was Chris Clemens, competing in Track and Field. Jeremy’s story is incredible, too. Hint — he served his country and now he’s competing for the USA. Simply Amazing.



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