Monthly Archives: October 2012

Walk to Defeat ALS PSA — “Happy Birthday Dad”

Lou Gehrig was an amazing athlete and an even more courageous and humble man. He fought and lost the battle to the fatal disease […]

Boys of Summer: MLB Giving Back – The Good Sports Story

The Good Sports Story. It’s not just the headlines of a victory. It’s what athletes choose to do with their platform and often, their […]

Boys of Summer: MLB Headlines — The Good Sports Story– Public Eye

The regular Baseball season is over. The hopes and dreams of going to the World Series are now only in the grasp of the […]

Boys of Summer: MLB Positive Focus

Perpetuate the Positive. That’s a good thing. Holding people responsible? Sure. But, why not look at and feature the positive stories happening in baseball? […]

So Cal to Cleveland on the Radio!

This summer at the Book Expo in New York City, I talked with a lot of people who stopped by the booth where I […]