Olympics Flashback #3: Ashton Eaton after 1st Gold Medal London 2012

2016 — Congratulations to Ashton Eaton and his Gold Medal victory in Rio! Watching him on TV, he wowed us with his repeat feat and heartfelt interviews. He has also been entertaining in several commercials airing during the Olympics coverage. All that reminds me of my interview with him four years ago in London. He is, as my motto applauds, “part of the good sports story” in many ways, including how he’s had success and maintained his humility.  Here is a Flashback to 2012.


August 2012 — A tour of the Proctor and Gamble Friends and Family house  presented the unexpected opportunity of interviewing Ashton Eaton, a hot off the Olympic Stadium Gold Medalist for the Decathalon here in London.

He had been doing several interviews, so by the time he got to me, he seemed a little tired. Who wouldn’t be after competing two days in running, jumping, javelin and more? Regardless, he was smiling and gracious. We moved over to a couch with better lighting, and with my small handy-dandy video camera (the battery died) and iPad (back up!) I talked with Ashton for  several minutes.

visual footnote: He’s from Eugene, Oregon and attended the University of Oregon. I was just there in July and thought I might have seen him on a bus, because the area (home of the Track and Field Finals)  Those photos are from my iPad!) The video is courtesy P&G, part of a commercial they’re running to thank moms.

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