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Emcee or host
With professionalism, ease and comfort in front of various audiences and gatherings, Jane can help your event feel warm and welcoming while keeping it on schedule.

Guest speaker
Schedule Jane to speak at your business, school, organization or special event. Tailored topics may include comments about her journey, sports, branding and writing.

Favorite and suggested topics 

  • One on One: The TV Biz, Baseball and Branding
  • One on One: The Art of Heart and Soul Interviewing. Are you Prepared? Are you Listening?
  • One on One: Live Life Like a Hall of Famer. Winning Lessons for Your Life and Work.
  • One on One: A Woman in a Man’s World. How to Take Risks for an Unexpected Journey.
  • One on One: Perpetuate the Positive. Be Part of the Good Sports Story. Make a Difference at Any Level.

Appearance can include speaking and book-signing combination. All speaking engagement fees require/include a minimum number of books. A discount will be considered for nonprofit groups.

Coaching and critique

A positive interview experience is crucial to every business, every day. Whether you are the interviewer or are frequently interviewed, learn how to feel more comfortable in the process and improve your communication skills. Let Jane share her expertise as an experienced and respected interviewer so that your skills can become an asset to your company.

If you are an established or a new high-level executive, an aspiring journalist, or an athlete, Jane can help you find your own effective interview comfort zone, with ease and confidence. She’ll navigate the challenging process with you through her signature style, she calls “the art of heart and soul interviewing.”

She blends insight, knowledge, humor and humility gained from her experiences in the world of professional athletes, high-profile business executives, and artistic and community leaders during her unique broadcasting career.

It has not gone unnoticed:

“Over the years, Jane Mitchell’s work with contemporary and historical sports figures has been consistently thoughtful and well crafted. She blends a fan’s passion with a reporter’s curiosity and eye for detail.”
Bob Costas, national sports broadcaster

“The interview went much deeper … We discussed the trials and tribulations of the baseball life, in particular, the difficulties that most people don’t realize in carrying on a relationship under very unique circumstances. Because of her personality and her approach, Jane is incredibly skilled at getting her subjects to open up further than they ever expect to.”
Mark Loretta, major league baseball player (retired)

Coaching and critiquing can be tailored to your situation. It can be confidential, one-on-one, or in group settings. Please contact us at to learn more.

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