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I am often asked, “How do I get your job?” Or, “How do you know what questions to ask?” My answers are intertwined throughout the book, but I’m also eager to share what I’ve learned and lessons I can pass on to students at the high school or university levels and even at professional seminars.

A visit to your classroom or incorporating the book into the curriculum of journalism, sports management and communications classes, will benefit students who will learn about:

  • My personal story, giving them an honest portrayal of the struggles and triumphs of becoming a broadcast journalist
  • Examples of scripts from 33 of my most popular and celebrated shows
  • Details of what it is like to produce high-quality programming and interact with sports organizations, athletes, their families and agents
  • Insight and guidance for landing a job in the news and sports fields
  • Athletes’ perspectives on what it’s like to be interviewed and their opinions of the process and final outcome of the show

Jane has 15 years’ experience guiding college interns, many who have gone on to be successful in various areas of broadcasting and media production. She has been a guest lecturer at Boston University, Tulane University and Vestment University, and would enjoy helping your students.

For information about reviewing a book or having a lecture tailored to your students or program, email: hello@janemitchelloneonone.com

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