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  1. Jean Jenkins
    Posted November 22, 2011 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

    I’m with a group who meets at Seau’s restaurant weekly. Junior is often there so it’s not unusual to see him but this particular night we ‘saw’ him differently. As we talked at our table, we became aware of live music—not the usual canned stuff—drifting out onto the patio. Ukuleles, playing low and mellow. We found ourselves talking less, listening to the melodies, and finally sent our compliments via our waitress to the group in ‘Junior’s corner’ making music. The evening wore on, our group dwindled, and the restaurant traffic grew quieter. Suddenly, to our surprise, Junior appeared at our table, ukulele in hand. He’d come to play for us. As darkness fell and the patio dimmed, he pulled up a chair and began to strum. Huge man fingers, little strings, sweet soothing tunes. Time passed and he felt comfortable, so he began to sing and invited us to join in—folk songs, soft rock, tunes he’s memorized, words and chords. He’s only been playing for about two years, but making music soothes him so he takes his ukulele everywhere. As he played and we sang and hummed along, we found ourselves lulled into his serenity. Once ferocious on the football field, the big man says he finds calm in music, and he graciously takes the time to pass it on. We finally left for home less stressed, and relaxed, thanks to Junior Seau, who took the time to share a different side of himself with us.

    Jean Jenkins, San Diego

  2. Posted December 6, 2015 at 2:39 pm | Permalink

    I want to extend a sincere thank you to Jane for all that she has done to preserve San Diego sports history over the years. Not long ago, I graduated from Linfield College with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Stories like the ones she tells/ told struck me like wildfire and motivated me beyond measure. I just watched the Jr. Seau episode earlier this week, and anything related to the ’98 Padres always gives me the chills. I played college ball for Scott Brosius (1998 World Series MVP), needless to say I never heard the end of it from “The Padre Killer” about the 7 year old me crying over a Rally’s shake after leaving the World Series an inning early. My 21st birthday was May 9, 1991 (same DOB as Tony Gwynn). I spent it at the bar at Seau’s Restaurant (their final night of being open) where there was live reggae music and a celebration of life for Jr. The nostalgia in the room was indescribable; it took me back to the days of visiting with Jr. while sitting at table 55. I also recall seeing Jr. and fellow linebacker Donnie Edwards at Fleming’s in La Jolla during s friend’s retirement party. Jane has had a profound impact not only in San Diego sports, but sports in general. Put me down as order #1 for the 1st complete discography set of “One On One With Jane Mitchell.” Love, Peace and Padres, Chris Pernicano 24 year Mission Valley resident

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