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Lou Gehrig’s Disease — Stories from the Soul

During my 15 years at Channel 4 San Diego, the TV home of the San Diego Padres from 1997-2011, I had the privilege of […]

Lou Gehrig, Gratitude and the Game… Through the Years

The beginning of a new baseball season inspires a fresh start, passion and hope. For those of us involved with the ALS Association Greater […]

Walk to Defeat ALS PSA — “Happy Birthday Dad”

Lou Gehrig was an amazing athlete and an even more courageous and humble man. He fought and lost the battle to the fatal disease […]

Mike’s Legacy: A Bucket List — Do You Have Yours?

Emails can deliver every degree of news: good, bad, or a compliment, criticism, and sometimes an inquiry that changes or enhances a life. That […]

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