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New Year. New Production. “Your Story. Your Legacy.”

Make 2016 the year you capture your story … or that of a parent, grandparent or friend. You can use a home video camera or […]

Boys of Summer: MLB Advice to Others part 1

 “It isn’t hard to be good from time to time in sports.What is tough, is being good every day.” Willie Mays For generations, on their […]

Jane’s Olympic Journal Day 16: London 2012 — Inspiring a Generation on the Playground

Since landing in London, two themes have been articulated in signs and in the ceremonies. The first:  Faster, Higher, Stronger.  Whether watching on television at […]

Jane’s Olympic Journal Day 10: “Pin” -ture this … a tiny reminder

Cameras of every variety, technology, size and shape are everywhere here in London for the Olympics.  iPhones, Blackberries or other smart phones, pocket digital […]

Jane’s Olympic Journal Day 8: The Picture I Didn’t Take and the Ones I did.

Friday morning, riding a quiet Light Rail train with my friend Laurene, we sat across from two very tall men in their red and […]

Jane’s Olympic Journal Day 5: A Little Train to Intensity

While all the main action is happening in the main venues and around the London area, I learned the U.S. had a training center […]

Jane’s Olympic Journal Day 4: An Early Ah Ha Moment

Hello… my journal for Monday, Day 4, is a litte different. For the details leading up to a very special day, please read the […]

Jane’s Olympic Journey Day 3: Weather or not…

With the  sun beaming in during breakfast, a summer dress seemed a good choice for a Sunday afternoon. But within an hour, the clouds […]

Boys of Summer series begins…with Early Advice part 1

As I am in London writing about and watching this international Olympics affair — with athletes from all corners of the world and every […]

Jane’s Olympic Journal Day 2: A Walk Outside the Park

Saturday in London started as Friday night’s spectacular and uniquely British Opening Ceremonies, fireworks display went well past midnight. Friday the French friends I’m […]

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